Tuesday 20 December 2011


The mock exams begin the second class after we return in January, as follows:

Class 1 Wed 11 Jan / Thurs 12 Jan
Class 2 Mon 16 Jan / Tues 17 Jan
Class 3 Wed 18 Jan / Thurs 19 Jan
Class 4 Mon 23 Jan / Tues 24 Jan

Your teacher will tell you which tests you are doing on each of the dates.

If you want extra practice during the Christmas/New Year holidays, look at the links on the right of the blog. You will find lots of Use of English, Listening and Reading practice exams and other practice. You can also watch videos of the speaking exams.

You will receive your reports on 1st or 2nd of February (depending on your classes). When you have received your results, you can sign up for the exam in June.

June Exam Date
The exam is on Wednesday, 13th June, except the oral exam. We don't have details of the oral exam but will let you know as soon as possible.

Sign up for the exams
Once you have received your mock exam results, you can sign up for the June exam as follows:

at ELI: between Monday 6th February and Friday 17th February
at the British Institute: between 19th March and 23rd March (for JUNE exam)

It costs 180 euros.

Good luck to everyone!

Friday 16 December 2011

Speaking Test Videos

I've added some videos of the CAE speaking test to the blog.  You will see a new "Speaking Test Videos" section is on the right of the blog.  There are two sets of speaking tests videos, both from Cambridge:
  1. Cambridge Sample Videos.  These videos need to be downloaded from the Teachers' website.  You will need to register to do this.  Teachers, click here to register.
  2. Preparation Pack Videos.  These videos are on Youtube and can be used in class or by students at home.
Good luck with your exams!